October 2018   
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Board of Trustees

"Your Board of Trustees at Bethany Lutheran is responsible for the maintenance, upkeep and improvement of the building and grounds of the church.  While the Board of Elders is charged with the spiritual direction and care of the congregation the Trustees handle the “physical plant” or the hardware that supports this congregation of believers.  In addition to everything from cutting the grass, plowing the snow, maintaining the plumbing and heating and changing light bulbs the Trustees also ensure that the building and grounds are properly insured against damage, theft and other liabilities.  We also look after the office equipment and supplies.  The Trustees do not do all this work themselves – where appropriate or necessary we contract others to complete the work in satisfactory fashion being mindful to carefully manage costs.  We count on the time, talent and treasure of the entire congregation to support this important work.  Member observations and comments on items needing attention are absolutely necessary for us, the Trustees, to carry out our responsibilities."


Details of the responsibilities of the Board of Trustees can be found in the Bylaws of the Constitution of Bethany Lutheran Church.


Board Members are:

Mike Tilley

Scott Keinath

Don Schneider